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It all began in April 2011...




In 2011, Kevin and Courtney went on a high school event called The Desert Trip.

Fifty students were tightly packed onto a bus and taken to Joshua Tree for a week

of hiking, rock climbing, and self-reflection workshops. Courtney and Kevin already

knew one another from a photography class, but in this quickly developing close-knit group of teenagers, they soon discovered a unique spark, and that they both had surprisingly sweaty hands. The rest was history. 


Their beginning was sweet, but the true beauty of their relationship is what took

place over the following 11 years. With every life obstacle that came their way, Courtney and Kevin changed and grew together. 


They spent their first 4 years in a long distance relationship as Kevin attended Cal Poly and Courtney traveled north to the University of Oregon. Following graduation, Kevin moved to San Francisco for his first job, and Courtney followed quickly. The two moved in together just 8 months after finally being in the same city since high school, and their lives together blossomed as if no time had passed. 


Courtney discovered a love for running, and Kevin tried to keep up. Kevin converted Courtney to a vegetarian diet, and Courtney showed Kevin that tomatoes aren’t so

bad. They finally ditched their roommates (sorry Zach) and moved to Sausalito.

Courtney shocked Kevin’s parents, telling them they were getting a new family member, but Kevin quickly clarified that they bought a dog (their beloved Kiva girl). Then

COVID happened (yikes) which allowed them to work remotely, so they moved to Portland where they fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. They ran around the Willamette River (literally), had one too many visits to Salt & Straw, and woke up at

5am to go backcountry skiing down the slopes of Mt. Hood. 


On May 1, 2021, Kevin proposed to Courtney in one of their favorite redwood groves in Forest Park. Tears and hugs were shared, and the parents were especially thrilled--kindly asking that they not wait another 11 years before the wedding. 


As if the engagement wasn’t enough, they decided to put life on pause for a bit,

bought a van, quit their jobs, and started running up and down mountains for

the next 5 months.


What’s next? They're not sure, but anything is possible when it comes to these two!


There was never one moment when either Courtney or Kevin thought, "This is the one!," but after more than ten years, there is no doubt they are meant to be together forever. They simply enjoyed each others company, sharing their ambitions, dreams and never shying away from their truest selves. That's all they could ever ask for in a partner.


They are two best friends ready to spend the rest of their lives together and they

couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate their wedding day with you!

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